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Permanent Placement and Contract Programming Services

Gold Coast Consulting Group offers comprehensive technology based recruiting services for both full time permanent and contract programming assignments.

Our staff is lead by industry professionals with experience in recruiting, consulting, and programming. This expertise translates into an understanding of your needs and of the special needs of top-quality candidates.

We believe that in order to properly serve your needs, we need to do more than forward a few resumes to you via fax. For that reason, we first spend a great deal of time understanding your industry, business, environment and, of course, skill requirements. You see, there is more to a good employment match than checking off a list of requirements on a job order. Our attention to detail and our standards of professionalism and confidentiality stand out from our competitors. This enables us to get the best candidates and ensure they are properly matched to your needs and environment

We invite you to try our services. Since we are largely contingency based, the honus is on us to perform for you, and we will.

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