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Turnkey Internet Presence

This special offer is available only to new business customers  and is available for a limited time only.

This offer is intended for customers who want to try the Internet out without incurring large expenses.  Sites developed at this special price are developed according to a predetermined formula which does not permit modification.  A sample site is included for your reference.

These sites includes (quantity and limitations):

  • Your company logo (1 image of 20kb or less)
  • A slogan or trade line (1 slogan of 20 words or less)
  • A brief description of your business, product or service (up to 200 words)
  • Text based links to other sites of interest (up to 5 links)
  • Company contact information (up to 7 lines)
  • E-mail link (1 link to another e-mail address)


Special Offer for Ameritech Small Business Owners participating in this mailing offer

GOLD COAST CONSULTING GROUP will provide the following special offer for all who respond to the special offer as part of this mailing:

For a one-time fee of $49.00

  • Design a template based one-page WWW site*
  • Host this WWW site under our domain name for 3 months
  • Offer a 20% discount on any services rendered for 6 months from the date of this mailing

The offer will be administered by the clients calling our office or visiting our WWW site at

The naming structure of the WWW page will be under the domain name such as with the company’s name (up to 7 letters) substituted for "sample" in the example. Should you require your own domain name and storage of your WWW site under that domain name, additional service costs will apply. Details can be found on our WWW site at, via e-mail, or by telephoning our office at the number listed below.


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