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Gold Coast Consulting Group offers premium level Internet and Electronic Communication Services. Our background of successful consulting, software development, service, and sales allow us to custom fit a strategy for your presence on the Information Superhighway.

Our mission is to provide a level of service and an attention to detail not available elsewhere. handshake.jpg (14408 bytes)

AN01344A.gif (2340 bytes)Your project will remain under the direct supervision of a senior manager from inception to successful completion. You will never be pushed off to a lower level programmer when you have questions.

We believe effective and thourough planning is the key to developing an effective and professional project plan. This includes a detailed 13 page "interview" in which we identify not only your requirements in design but your business objectives in undertaking the project in the first place.

We invite you to check out our service offerings and prices and to compare us to anyone.

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