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Internet Costs  







Web Site Design Fees*





Additional Pages


For fewer pages subtract $100 each



Consultation Up to 2 hours consultation with client concerning Web marketing strategy and site design. Telephone charges are at client's expense.

Text is supplied by the client on diskette. Text is limited to 200 words per Web page if not supplied on diskette. Web pages containing over 1,200 words may be subject to additional design fees, especially if they require a great deal of formatting. Please note: our services do not include editing your text. Please supply it to us in the final form you want displayed on the Web.

Custom graphics package Includes a custom-designed masthead incorporating your company logo, line, bullet, background Includes a custom-designed masthead incorporating your company logo, top-of-page graphic, line, bullet, text imagemap bar, background

Additional custom graphics billed at $50 per hour.

External Links
not including an e-mail link on each page





Photos or graphics






* Please Note: We do provide WWW Site Hosting as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Fees cited above do not include ongoing ISP fees. For information about WWW Site Hosting services and fees, please see Please contact us before selecting a domain name, if possible, so we can save you some grief.

Additional Options

Additional Forms $60 each (up to 20 fields), in addition to charges for any additional pages needed. (One form is needed to subscribe to a Majordomo mailing list.)
Majordomo Mailing List If we set this up, our charge is a one-time $100. Highly recommended for newsletters and announcements of specials to previous visitors to the site.
ViaCrypt PGP E-Mail Order Encryption Set-up includes purchase of licenses for two copies of ViaCrypt PGP, one to encrypt orders at the Web server, the other to decrypt orders on your desktop. $300
Secure Browser Order Retrieval Orders are retrieved via Web browser from password-protected directory in your SSL secure Web space. An e-mail message alerts you that an order is waiting, while another program allows you to use your Web browser to download new order files from this directory to your desktop, and then delete them from Web space. $150 set-up and software license fee.
Thumbnail /Large Photo Pairs A "clickable" thumbnail photo loads a larger screen-size photo. $35 per pair if larger photo is placed on a Web page. $25 per pair if larger photo is not on a Web page.


WWW Site Hosting: Price and Specification Chart

Domain Name Registration/Setup: $150
This includes account setup, domain name registration, setup of a virtual server on our server, the development of our one-page "starter page" and site storage for this page for one month. After this month, the virtual server will be charged at the appropriate monthly rate per the below chart or will be re-configured as a domain name storage service. For details on this service, see below.
(this does not include InterNIC charges - $100 for 2 years, $50 per year thereafter.)

Domain Name Storage: $25 per month
This service simply includes the storage of your registered domain name. It does not provide any storage or bandwidth allowances and, as such, cannot be used to store a WWW site or any Web pages. It is designed and is ideal for those who want to register a domain name but do not know exactly what they want to do with it right away.

Site Hosting: $50 per month
Your site will be stored under a naming scheme such as: site name). Examples include, or

  Monthly Limits Additional Fees
Data Transferred: 300 MB $0.20 per additional MB
Storage Provided: 10 MB $2.00 per additional MB
Virtual Server Hosting: $75 per month
Your site will be stored under a naming scheme such as: www.(your site name).com. Examples include, or

To obtain the full benefits of this service, you should have or secure (see our service prices above) your own domain name.

  Monthly Limits Additional Fees
Data Transferred: 500 MB $0.15 per additional MB
Storage Provided: 15 MB $2.00 per additional MB

Additional Services:

  Installation Monthly Fees
Site Search Engine: $20 $5
Stats Analysis Package: $20 $5
Virtual FTP: $25 $25


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