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Internet Consulting Services

Why Gold Coast Consulting?

Gold Coast Consulting is not just a Web Hosting, or Web Authoring company, but a Internet Consultancy. We know what it takes to make your venture a success, and that's our goal. An unhappy customer is no customer at all. We wish to establish a long-term relationship with your company to provide the best support we possibly can. At Gold Coast Consulting we do things much differently than most Web Hosting or Web Authoring and Consulting Companies.

You will be involved in the setup phase every step of the way. We can either take ideas that you may have and develop those ideas into a working web site, or research your company and it's Internet needs to develop our own ideas (you will, of course, exercise final approval of any and all work)

Once the web site is developed and online, we will still be around. The Internet is a new culture, traditional marketing methods won't work here! Simply putting a Web Site on the Net and waiting on the world to come visit won't work either. If your Site's going to get visited and your new venture onto the "Information Super Highway" is going to be a success, then you have to develop your site's "Net Presence."

Not only do we create for you a Professional quality site, we also develop your Company's Net Presence. On an ongoing basis Gold Coast Consulting will maintain and update your site, we will also advertise and promote it throughout the Internet, consistently building and improving your Net Presence and increasing your business.

During the Setup Phase, during the initial release phase, and the continual updating of the site Gold Coast Consulting will be there for your company. At any time you may contact Gold Coast Consulting and always get a friendly answer to any question you may have. Again, Gold Coast Consulting is interested in developing long-term service partnerships, not just a "quick-hit" site development project.

Being on the Net is one thing, Doing Business on the Net is quite another. Gold Coast Consulting can make the difference for your business.


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