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The Software Development business unit works closely with our Recruiting staff to provide value to our clients in several ways. First, we work with either your existing staff or with our own team of consultants to do any or all of the following; identify your requirements, select the best possible solution, insure the proper skills exist for the job's specifications and complete the job on schedule and within desired parameters.

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The Internet Services business unit works with companies who are interested in taking advantage of the fast paced innovations and developments surrounding the Internet and Intranets. This includes WWW development and hosting, Intranet consulting, dedicated and dialup connectivity and system configuration service.

staffing_services.gif (2591 bytes)Computer Consulting
The Staffing Services business unit works with large and small firms alike to address the challenging task of staffing for the technological challenges of today's business environment. We work with our clients to first, identify and define staffing requirements and then to meet those requirements through an extensive and detailed process.


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