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Today many small and medium sized businesses have big-business ideas and require technology based solutions similar to those of their larger competitors. Any small-to-medium sized business that has sought out help knows how difficult it is to find competent and reliable service providers.

Gold Coast Consulting Group, Inc was founded to address this unmet need.image4.jpg (16759 bytes)

Our clients have successfully turned to us for their software development needs (custom Windows development and database development and management) and Internet services and development (electronic commerce and electronic communication) since our inception in 1996. In addition to sofware development we share ownership in a regional Internet services and consulting firm which we collaborate with on larger or specialized projects. Together we have a team of approximately 50 professionals dedicated to serving our clients needs.

We believe there is more to consulting than throwing costly development resources at a clients project. Solutions should be well thought out and integrated into the work environment in order to solve the client's business needs, not simply to develop a computer system or program.

Our background in technology is coupled with an empahsis on business and business operations which help us understand your true needs. Once understood, we can work towards the most effective and appropriate solution for the clients individual requirements.

image2.jpg (15302 bytes)We are not a "body-shop" and we are not a firm dedicated to any specific methodology or product. We strive to understand the business needs of our clients and then (and only then) to suggest and help implement the proper solution.

We think this sets us apart from many others and hope this approach is more closely aligned with the interests of our clients

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